Our beach: Chevano or "Kévano"

Chevano beach (also known as Kévano beach) is just 550m from the campsite that takes its name. Comprising a main beach at the end of the cove and coves on the sides, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Corsica. The different beaches in this cove make it easy to find a quiet spot. The rocks that decorate them add an extra change of scenery, with dense scrubland adding to the wilderness. Swimming is gentle, making these beaches ideal for families with children. The seabed is interesting, so bring your mask and snorkel. Between the Caldarello tower and the tip of Capineru are the beaches of San Giovanni. These beaches are little-known and rarely visited in summer. The main beach (closest to the tip of Capineru) is easily accessible by car. It offers a good length of sand. If you continue on foot towards the Gulf of Figari (level with the Genoese tower), you'll find a second beautiful, very quiet sandy beach.
Les plages autour du Camping Kevano

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