Our commitments

As an active contributor to the preservation of the environment and aware of the environmental issues at stake, the establishment is committed to its environmental policy. In order to reduce its ecological footprint through continuous improvement of its environmental performance and with the aim of providing quality services for its customers, the establishment is committed to three fundamental aspects :

I. Environmental aspects :


1. Water

  • Reuse of treated water for underground irrigation;
  • Weekly records of water consumption
  • Increased monitoring of water leaks
  • Sanitary fittings fitted with PRESTO-type water-saving devices
  • Dual-flush toilet
  • 7 l/minute head
  • Planting hedges of local species so that they adapt to the environment and require less water

2. Energy management

  • Encouragement to  turn off the heating and lights  in mobile homes and communal areas
  • New refrigerators for rental properties are classified in energy-saving category A or A+
  • Replacement of light bulbs with low-energy bulbs
  • Weekly statements of electricity consumption

 3. Air quality

  • Increased ventilation in sanitary facilities
  • Contact key for use of air conditioners in mobile homes
  • Air conditioning removed from reception area and bar/restaurant
  • Limited use of heating tools
  • We use non-polluting and quiet means of transport, such as electric golfettes

4. Waste

  • Implementation of selective sorting
  • Reuse of demolition materials
  • Renovation of rental properties
  • Mini chicken farm (coming soon)
  • Recycling of used oil  from the restaurant, for conversion into biofuel
  • Specific, isolated storage of hazardous waste, such as batteries and light bulbs
  • Reasonable printing and  reuse of drafts
  • Use of internal communication networks  to limit printing
  • Collection boxes for medicines and batteries are available at reception

5. Preserving biodiversity

  • Use of  plant protection products reduced to a minimum
  • Façade of buildings and perimeter of campsite planted with  vegetation for better integration into the landscape

6. Eco-responsible purchasing

  • Installation of wooden fencing and decking from sustainably managed forests
  • Purchase of eco-labelled cleaning products
  • Choice of  Ecocert organic reception products with over 99% natural ingredients
  • Purchase of large quantities  of products (to reduce packaging)
  • Purchase of local products  for a point of sale in the grocery shop  to promote short distribution channels

II. Social benefits :

  • Provision of  accommodation for staff

  • We listen to the needs of  customers with disabilities

  • Some pitches and mobile homes are accessible to people with reduced mobility

  • Priority given to local applicants

  • Putting up posters to raise awareness among our holidaymakers

  • Staff training


III. The economic aspect :

  • Priority given to d' local artisans en priorité

  • Numerous local partners for tourist events and activities

  • Networking and mutual assistance  with other local tourism operators (group of campsites)

  • Promoting visits to the far south of Corsica


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