Our Open Space


Heart of your campsite, with staff entirely dedicated to your needs, our Open Space is the hub of your stay. It's a place where you can live, talk and meet others. A restaurant with a snack bar, dining areas and theme evenings, a party venue with concerts and evening entertainment. We love getting together here.


 Kévano Plage's Snack


Generous and Delicious Cuisine
Our varied menu offers a tempting selection of dishes, from timeless classics to original creations, prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. From breakfast to dinner, our talented staff strive to provide you with a memorable experience. Taste our juicy burgers, fresh salads, hearty paninis, or typical local dishes, all accompanied by refreshing drinks and delicious desserts.
An Idyllic and Typical Setting
Whether you choose to sit on our sunny terrace or in our friendly indoor space, you'll enjoy a relaxed and warm atmosphere, perfect for sharing a meal with family or friends.
Moments of Conviviality and Relaxation
In addition to mouthwatering cuisine, Kévano Plage's snack also serves as a venue for socialising and mingling. Meet other campers, share your travel experiences, and create unforgettable memories around a well-laden table. Our attentive team is here to welcome you with a smile and ensure impeccable service throughout your stay.

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